Case Studies

How Orchard Supply Hardware Uses GoAnimate to Create Effective Microlearning Videos

A Blended Approach to Microlearning Videos Orchard Supply Hardware’s trainers produced 70 unique modules in 4 months that immediately impacted company sales performance. Learn how they used...

How Catalina Marketing Achieved a 100% Pass Rate

Download this case study to learn how Catalina Marketing delivers the right messages — in the form of training — to its internal audience of more than 1,350 employees around the world.

How Cottingham and Butler Saved $600K with GoAnimate

Learn about Cottingham & Butler’s success in creating onboarding training with animated video using GoAnimate.

snagajob case study

How Snagajob Achieved a 375% Boost in Video Shares

Download this case study to learn more about Snagajob’s success creating live action and animated hybrid videos for their weekly Youtube series.