Author: Meghan Daniels

Think Outside the PowerPoint: Better Business Presentation Templates

Every salesperson knows that the first sales meeting is crucial. In a perfect world, you’d create a totally custom presentation for every pitch. But let’s be real. You have a full inbox, dozens of...

Corporate Training Software: 3 Must-Have Features

As more corporate training programs shift from bricks-and-mortar to fully online or blended offerings, the market for training software has exploded. Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are software...

Embedding Video in Email -- A Comprehensive Guide

Online video has enjoyed immense growth in the past few years, proving to be an extremely powerful tool for marketers looking to engage audiences and drive conversions.

Beyond YouTube: What to Look For in A Video Hosting Company

There was a time—not all that long ago—when it was a matter of course to upload all your videos to YouTube. Marketing mavens believed that YouTube was the best—and perhaps only—shot at...

Google+ Today -- The Definitive Guide

“Google+ is crucial for SEO.”

Paid Video Marketing Campaigns: A Primer

So you’ve invested the time, money, and creative energy into creating a top-notch marketing video for your business. Now, you need to make sure that people see it.

Using iframes to Embed Videos — What You Need to Know

Remember the internet in the 1990s? Much of it looked like the sight pictured on the right below.

Landing Page Videos: A User's Guide

When people think of landing pages, they typically think of long-form sales copy and a suspicious signup form. If you need landing pages, but don’t want to saddle visitors with 900 words of...

Videos and Calls-To-Action

Imagine a blog post with a catchy lede that immediately hooks the reader. The post is concise and well written, with fresh prose and a couple of perfectly illustrative metaphors.