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How To Add Video To PowerPoint Presentations

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March 23, 2016 By:   GoAnimate

How To Add Video To PowerPoint Presentations


Adding video to a PowerPoint presentation can be a challenge, but the added value it will bring to your presentation is worth the effort. To make things easier, we've put together a simple guide with everything you need to know about adding video to your PowerPoint.

There are a couple of ways to add video to a PowerPoint presentation. You can add a video that is located on your hard drive or you can embed one from YouTube. We'll go over both.

1) Adding video from your hard drive

1. While on the slide that you'd like to add the video to, go to the 'Insert' tab, select 'Movie'.

2. Choose the 'Movie from File' option and select a movie from your hard drive by double clicking on it.


3. You can also format the movie to start 'Automatically' or 'When Clicked'.

4. Drag the video around to position it and resize the video within the slide.

If you are embedding a video you created using, simply download the video from and follow the above steps.

2) Embedding a video from YouTube

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to adding YouTube videos to Powerpoint presentations, so follow the directions carefully.

The following steps apply when you are using PowerPoint 2007 (see instructions for PowerPoint 2012 below):

Adding YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2007

1. Click the Office button, select 'Powerpoint Options' and under 'Popular' place a tick mark next to 'Show Developer tab in the Ribbon' and click OK.

2. Click on the new 'Developer' tab and then click the 'More Controls' icon (it's the one with the tools on it).

3. Select 'Shockwave Flash Object' and click OK.

4. Draw an area with your mouse where you want the video to be.

5. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to embed -- note that you'll have to change the part of the link that says watch?v= to simply v/6. Right-click on the field you drew and select 'Properties'.

6. In the Properties window, paste the new URL with watch?v= changed to v/ into the 'Movie' field.

7. Turn both 'Loop' and 'Playing' to False (unless you want your movie to loop or play automatically).

8. Your video should now be embedded when you close the Properties window.

Adding YouTube Video to PowertPoint 2012

If you are using PowerPoint 2012, the method for embedding YouTube videos in your PowerPoint presentation is a bit more straightforward:

1. Click on the Video icon in the toolbar and choose 'Video from Online Video Site' from the drop down menu.

2. A new window will pop up where you can paste the embed code for the video.

3. You can find the embed code for YouTube video by clicking the 'Share' button beneath the video player and then clicking the 'Embed' button.

Making the presentation self-contained for playback anywhere

If you plan to send your presentation to clients, present it on other people's computers, or don't know if you will have a network connection, you should make sure the presentation is self-contained (i.e. a Make the PowerPoint file contains everything it needs).

Unfortunately, without a network connection there is no way to play embedded YouTube videos, so if you are using a YouTube video, you will have to download the file and follow the steps under 'Adding video from your hard drive' to accomplish this.

Note that while there are services that allow you to download YouTube videos that don't belong to you, YouTube frowns upon this as it can be a violation of copyright laws and they have been cracking down on many of these services.

If the YouTube video you have embedded belongs to you our your company, however, you can download a copy of the file using Google Takeout or by choosing 'Download MP4' from the Video manager while logged into your YouTube account. If you have embedded a YouTube video that does not belong to you then you'll just have to make sure you have a network connection before beginning your presentation.

Making a Presentation Self-Contained

Once you have finished making your presentation with your uploaded videos, save it as a packaged PowerPoint presentation and not a full PowerPoint file by clicking File > Save As > PowerPoint Show.

Once you're done, don't wait until presentation day to see if all goes according to plan. Try the file out on a different computer (or a few, if you can!) to ensure that everything works properly.