Case Studies

Vodafone Creates Compelling eLearning Modules with GoAnimate

Download this case study to learn how Vodafone’s process governance team uses GoAnimate to create animated videos that explain the new systems, processes, and programs employees need to learn. ...

How Orchard Supply Hardware Uses GoAnimate to Create Effective Microlearning Videos

A Blended Approach to Microlearning Videos Orchard Supply Hardware’s trainers produced 70 unique modules in 4 months that immediately impacted company sales performance. Learn how they used...

How Catalina Marketing Achieved a 100% Pass Rate

Download this case study to learn how Catalina Marketing delivers the right messages — in the form of training — to its internal audience of more than 1,350 employees around the world.

How Cottingham and Butler Saved $600K with GoAnimate

Learn about Cottingham & Butler’s success in creating onboarding training with animated video using GoAnimate.

snagajob case study

How Snagajob Achieved a 375% Boost in Video Shares

Download this case study to learn more about Snagajob’s success creating live action and animated hybrid videos for their weekly Youtube series.