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Video Marketing Trends for 2015

Online video saw explosive growth in 2014. Every month, YouTube attracts more than one billion unique global viewers spending a collective six billion hours watching videos. Users upload an average of...

What YouTube's new GIF-maker means for animated videos

Last week news broke that YouTube is finally launching a GIF maker. Until then the online video giant had adapted slowly to worldwide demand for the upstart content type.

How to optimize your sales funnel with online video

By now most of us know that online video is a major asset for business marketing. The data points are clear and ubiquitous. Even if we didn’t have data to back it up, it just seems that a blog post...

How do Businesses use GoAnimate?

What are the best uses of GoAnimate for businesses?

Why Businesses Should Use Video and Infographics

In 2014, visual is vital when it comes to business. Content marketers today must understand and master the use of video and infographics if they want to rise above blog fatigue. Infographics and...

Zoom in and out to make animated your videos shine

When I first started making videos on GoAnimate I was super impressed with how easy it was to create professional-quality videos. After a few minutes I felt pretty confident with my budding skills,...

Saving the Infographic Genre -- Part 1

Many marketers see infographics as the pre-eminent piece of proprietary digital collateral. The thinking is the ROI of a graphic is worth thousands of words – especially if the picture is...

Make Your Characters Talk with GoAnimate

GoAnimate has best-in-class voice functionality for characters. Check out this video and see how to upload videos into the player and use our top-notch lip syncing feature. 

How Videos Can Boost Your Landing Page Performance

Ah landing pages. Such a good practice; so little time. They’re kinda like the opposite of a nice problem to have: a great idea that so few of us have properly gotten around to.

Interview with Common Craft Founder Lee LeFever

Looking to explain your business and products to potential customers? The #1 way to get the message across — with the best return on your investment — is through the medium of video.

YouTube Strategies for Your Video Business

  Online videos are a big part of your business. Your products are super high-quality and people really seem to enjoy checking them out. But no matter how specialized your service within the...

Webinar: How to Create Stellar Videos that Generate Leads With Cloud-Based Tools

Video is a key component of the modern marketing mix. Yet, for most marketers, producing a video involves getting an entire team of video experts involved. It appears to be a daunting, costly, and...